Project Concept

For several years, the Wolin Fishermen’s Association has been implementing a promotional and educational project called “Wolin with Fish on a Plate.”


The aim of the campaign is to promote the consumption of fish from local catches and increase awareness among consumers about the taste and health benefits of dishes and products made from fish caught and produced in the region.

The campaign’s task is to change the dietary habits of Poles so that they more often choose fish dishes, which are simple and easy to prepare, and to increase their awareness that consuming fish promotes an active and healthy lifestyle.

We want to convince the recipients of the campaign that a healthy, balanced diet is possible with fresh Polish fish as a basis, including those less widely available, such as zander, perch, bream, or roach.

The Wolin Fishermen’s Association was established in 2008 as a Regular Association.

In 2011 it was entered in the National Court Register. It currently has more than 110 members; shipowners, fishermen, supporting members who operate in the following ports: Stepnica, Wolin, Lubin, Świnoujście, Międzyzdroje, Karsibór, Przytór, Dziwnów, Niechorze, Mrzeżyno and Rewal.